Dienstag, 19. April 2011

Cracked Codehook Login System Download

Welcome to my blog!
This is a cracked version of the Codehook Login System. It's fully working and customizeable like the orginal version of the hacks. The download incluedes a textfile with names and passwords so you can pick one of those and login to the client. (Multiple logins per name are no problem)
I modified it so you can simply launch the Login-System, enter one of my Name+PW combinations, login and press inject. After the hack loaded you can launch the game and enjoy playing with the cheats. :)

I will fix it asap in case of a detection!

==>Download: ( *click here*)   


How To Use Them
in 8 easy steps

1) Download the Cracked Loader from the download link below.
2) Open the list with the name-password combinations. 
3) Start the LoginSystem
4) Login  with one of the names + password from the list (from point 2.)
5) Choose the cheat you want to use (all cheats on all accounts available)
6) Press 'Inject' and launch the game after the hack loaded
7) Press F8 for the ingame menu in order to configure your hack
8) Have fun! :)
Heres an ingame screenshot:


The Codehook feature list:

==>Aimbot Features:
  • Aimbot Bones - Automatically follow the head or chest of a player with perfect accuracy, not vector based!
  • Aimbot Aim Point - Decide whether to aim higher or lower
  • Aimbot Smart Aim - Automatically aim at any part of a body that's visible!
  • Aimbot Prediction - Ping-based prediction to hit enemies no matter what your ping!
  • Aimbot Smooth Aim - Gradually aim at a player rather than snapping to them, looks more legit!
  • Aimbot FOV - Only aim at a player if they're within a certain field of view
  • Aimbot Stealth - Choose whether to only aim when holding a certain key or whether to aim all the time!
  • Aimbot Disable Key - Disable the aimbot whilst you hold down a specified key - useful for running away from grenades!
  • Aimbot Autofire - Automatically fire at your enemies with a customisable rate of fire
  • Wallhack - See players through walls
  • Name ESP - See players' names through walls
  • Distance ESP - See players' distances through walls
  • Grenade ESP - See explosives through walls via an icon that changes colour and size, based on distance
  • Anti-Death - This will try to prevent you from dying when your health is low!
  • Chams - 3 types and customisable colours
    • Solid Lambert - See players as 2D, one colour when behind walls and another colour when in front
    • Lambert - See players as 3D, one colour when behind walls and another colour when in front
    • Glass - See players as translucent, one colour when behind walls and another colour when in front
  • Crosshair - Draws a crosshair in the middle of your screen where you're aiming
  • SuperZoom - Zooms in as far as you want it to!
==>Additional Features:
  • One Touch Key Control - Use one key to turn the hack's main features on/off
  • Console Controlled - Use the console to turn the hack's main features on/off
  • Status Reports - Instant notification of changes to the status of the software
  • No Recoil - Disables recoil for all weapons so your weapons do not move when you fire
  • Dvar Hack - Use any dvar you want (such as r_fog 0, or r_thirdperson 1)
  • PB Cvar Scan Safe - Use any dvar (cvar) you want without PB kicking you!
  • Clean PB Screenshots - Hacks will not show up on a PB Screenshot 
  • VAC2 and VAC3 proof, signature scan bypass

Little CoD4 Video demonstration:

==>Detection Status (All Hacks)

Punkbuster Status: Undetected 
Valve-Anti-Cheat Status: Undetected

Click on the picture or use the link below:


==> Virusscan (was requested): *click here*
==> Downloadlink: http://adf.ly/288853/codeh